Feels like it was only yesterday that Facebook Messenger was launched as a standalone app and Facebook users were encouraged to download it to keep in touch with their friends and family. Messenger has come a very long way since then and it’s much more capable now than it ever was before. It has picked up hundreds of millions of users along the way, 1.2 billion to be precise, according to the latest figures shared by Facebook.

This is a significant milestone for the company given that Facebook Messenger is now as big as WhatsApp, another cross-platform messaging app that’s owned by Facebook. While both allow you to essentially do the same thing, there are countless users out there who have both the WhatsApp and Messenger apps on their smartphones.

Facebook Messenger is also miles ahead of a plethora of other cross-platform messaging apps that aren’t owned by Facebook. It goes to show that Facebook made the right call when it decided to take the built-in messaging feature of its app and spin it out back in 2014.

Facebook’s main app is closing in on the 2 billion users mark as it currently sits at 1.9 billion. Instagram has quite a bit of catching up to do before it hits the one billion milestone as it’s currently at 600 million users.

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