It has been a long wait for those who put money down for a Tesla Model 3. The company’s first mass-market all-electric car will finally be handed over to customers tomorrow, at least some of them. The company is going to hand over the first 30 Model 3 cars to the lucky customers at a special event tomorrow. Since it’s a pretty monumental moment, the company is going to live stream the whole shebang.

It goes without saying that the Model 3 is a very important product for Tesla. It’s the first car from the company that the average customer will be able to purchase. Previous electric cars from Tesla have started from $70,000 and have gone all the way over and above $100,000. That’s not the kind of money the average customer spends on a car, an electric car no less.

Tesla has already received orders for more than 400,000 units of the Model 3 so it’s clear that people are willing to buy an electric car at affordable rates. Tesla has shown with products like the Model S and Model X that it’s quite capable of making a great electric car.

Tesla is going to live stream the handover event tomorrow at 8:45 PM PT. The first Model 3 will go to Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk himself who received rights to the first car from board member Ira Ehrenpreis as a birthday gift.

Production will be gradually ramped up in the coming months and deliveries will pick up the pace. Tesla is going to roll out 100 Model 3 units next month followed by 1,500 in September and eventually ramping up production to 10,000 units per week.

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