If you’ve ever Googled the location of a place like a restaurant, Google will show you a graph in which it tells you at what times is the restaurant most popular. Last year Google introduced that feature to Google Maps, and now it looks like they’re introducing a similar feature to the driving portion of Google Maps where it tells you how much traffic there is.

According to the folks at Android Police, it seems that Google is rolling out a new time travel graph to the directions portion of Google Maps. The idea behind it is similar to the time graph for locations, where it will tell you how busy the roads are at that time. This will come in handy if you’re trying to determine when you should leave the house, and how long you might take because of the traffic.

Google Maps already shows when certain areas are heavily congested so we guess this feature will be enhancing upon it and making it a bit more obvious. It also shows (presumably based on historical data) how busy roads might be at certain times in the day, which like we said will help you better plan your journey.

We’re not sure how widespread the rollout of this feature is, or if it is simply in testing, but do keep an eye out for it if you’re someone who relies on Google Maps quite a bit.

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