The Mass Effect trilogy is a much beloved franchise but unfortunately for BioWare, what many were hoping for in a new chapter in Mass Effect: Andromeda kind of proved to be a bust. While it was by no means terrible, it did not exactly live up to the expectations that many were hoping for given the success of its predecessors.

However is the game doing so badly that a game from several years ago is outpacing it in terms of sales? According to the recent figures by the NPD, the answer is yes. Despite Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V having been released 4 years ago in 2017, the game is still selling like hotcakes, which is amazing since you would have assumed that everyone who wanted the game would have bought a copy by now.

Grand Theft Auto V is said to be ranked as the fourth best-selling game in the US for 2017, which like we said puts it ahead of the competition such as Mass Effect: Andromeda which placed seventh, which we guess is still a pretty good accomplishment. Grand Theft Auto V is one of the success stories of video games in recent times, having managed to rack up $800 million in revenue during its first day of availability.

It is unclear where Rockstar will be taking the franchise to next since there is no mention of Grand Theft Auto VI, but given that Rockstar has been busy generating content for GTA Online, gamers could be in for a wait.

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