The thing about virtual reality (VR) right now is that it requires a headset in order to experience it. This means that in terms of freedom of movement, it can be a bit limiting since headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift require it to be tethered to a computer, which can feel a bit unnatural since VR is meant to simulate reality (albeit a different kind).


However it seems that over in Japan, engineers have managed to create a VR experience which does not involve a headset. Put together by the engineers at the Wonder Vision Techno Laboratory, this headset-free VR experience involves two swivelling chairs that are placed in front of a semi-spherical screen that pretty much covers your entire field of vision.

According to Makoto Nakahira, one of the engineers at the company, “Unlike the conventional flat screen, you can see images coming closer to you physically in this dome screen. This is a system in which you can experience visuals that you have never seen before.” In a way it is almost similar to those rides that you might have experienced at theme parks, except maybe a tad more immersive.

Unfortunately this also means that this setup is clearly not designed for homes in mind, but we guess it does have the potential to be a ride for theme parks in the future.

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