Gamers might have heard that Minecraft will be getting a boost in the graphics department where an update will give the game a 4K upgrade. However it seems that based on the announcement, the Switch is being left out of the upgrade, which we guess isn’t surprising since the Switch’s hardware isn’t exactly the top-of-the-line.


However the good news is that the game will still be getting a visual upgrade because in an update to the game for the Switch, the changelog mentions that the game will now run in 1080p resolution while docked. Prior to this, Minecraft for the Switch was running at 720p, but as Eurogamer points out, even at 720p there were instances where the game struggled in terms of performance.

It is unclear what Microsoft might have done with the code of the game to allow it to run at 1080p, but hopefully it works without too much performance issues, but we guess this is something that Switch gamers will have to find out themselves. The update will also fix a bunch of bugs that were discovered in earlier builds.

That being said while Minecraft for the Switch won’t be getting upgraded to 4K, it is still expected to be made cross-platform compatible, meaning that gamers on the Switch will be able to play Minecraft with gamers on other platforms (save for the PS4).

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