There are many companies out there who not only sell their products on their official online store, but also third-party retailer platforms. This helps to increase their reach, plus they don’t alienate customers who might have a reason for shopping somewhere else, like an Amazon Prime subscriber might prefer sticking to Amazon for their shopping.

This is why it did not come as a surprise to learn that Nike would soon start to sell their products on Amazon, but it turns out that Amazon won’t be the only online platform that the company is target as it has since been confirmed that Nike will be selling their products on Instagram as well.

Details on how it will work on Instagram remains to be seen, but Facebook has been working to try and make Instagram a legitimate platform for companies to interact with their customers and also to sell their products, so Nike’s support of the platform will no doubt be a boon to both Nike and Instagram/Facebook.

This will also help to cut down on problems like counterfeit products, where having an official presence on Amazon and Instagram means that customers who are wary of third-party resellers can at least reliably shop via Nike’s official profile/storefront.

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