There are many browsers available for Mac users. There is Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and of course the default browser Safari. If you are a Mac user who might be using third-party browsers instead of Safari, perhaps Safari 11 that will be bundled in macOS High Sierra could change your mind.


The folks at Macworld have recently run several benchmarks for the various browsers on the Mac, including that of Safari 11 which is currently available in macOS High Sierra beta. Based on their findings, it seems that Apple’s native browser has proven that it is the fastest of the bunch.

We’re also not talking about it being marginally faster either. Based on the numbers, Safari 11 is beating the competition by a lot, at least in most cases. However we suppose that browser speed is just one aspect that users consider when choosing a browser. For example despite Chrome being notorious for being a memory hog (in the past), users continued to use it due to its integration with the rest of Google’s services.

However if speed is a key factor for you and you are willing to forsake certain features that might be exclusive to other browsers, then perhaps Safari 11 might be worth your consideration (if you are using a Mac).

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