Recently you might have heard how Amazon accidentally made its Echo Dot speakers free on its website, and if you’re kicking yourself thinking you missed out on a great deal, you didn’t because (unsurprisingly) Amazon is cancelling orders that are taking advantage of the snafu, although they aren’t leaving customers completely empty-handed.

It seems that while Amazon is cancelling orders for the “free” Echo Dot speakers, they are giving those affected by the cancellation $5 in promotional credit, which we guess you could use towards buying the Echo Dot for yourself. However we have heard that there are some lucky few in which Amazon is honoring the orders, although we’re not sure how the company is making their selection, perhaps those who might have been the first few to actually click it?

For those hearing about this for the first time, over the weekend Amazon accidentally made its Echo Dot speakers free. Technically it wasn’t free, but it seems that during the checkout process, there was an “Audible” discount of $50 which effectively made the speaker free (since it costs $50 as well).

Amazon has yet to comment on it but presumably it was a glitch with the system. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen company glitches like this, and to their credit, we have seen some companies honor some purchases in the past as well.

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