Have you ever wanted to spend the kind of money that someone would pay for a really nice car on a pair of speakers? If you’ve answered yes to that question, take a look at Bang & Olufsen’s new product. The company is known for its premium audio products so it’s not surprising anyone with the BeoLab 50, a new speaker system that costs $39,170 per pair. B&O says that the BeoLab 50 is the first “loudspeaker” from Bang & Olufsen.

As is the case with most Bang & Olufsen products, the design of the BeoLab 50 is sleek and minimal. They’re also packed full of advanced audio technology to provide a listening experience that can justify the $40K price tag.

B&O’s Active Room Compensation technology can be found onboard the new speakers. The technology relies on an external microphone to measure the acoustic surroundings and optimize sound delivery for optimum performance.

The speakers have Acoustic Lens technology which makes a “lens” rise from the top of the speaker and can be configured into one of two different sound dispersion settings, either wide or narrow.

There are seven drivers inside the sleek body that deliver a total of 2,100 watts, they include three 10 inch woofers, three 4 inch midrange drivers and one 0.74 inch tweeter. All of them are paired to seven 300 watt amplifiers.

All of this is packed inside a tall and slim body that’s made out of aluminum and oak wood. In case you forgot, a pair of the BeoLab 50 costs $40,000.

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