Ubergizmo co-founder Hubert Nguyen tries Dell’s new VR headset

#IFA2017 – Dell is jumping on the virtual reality bandwagon with a new product that it’s calling the Dell Visor. It’s a VR headset for Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform. The Visor is meant to be used with the company’s notebooks which will power the virtual reality experiences.

There aren’t a lot of details available about the Dell Visor at this point in time. It’ going to have 1440×1440 pixel resolution LCD panels with enough counterbalancing and padding to ensure that it remains comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Reports suggest that the Dell Visor can be worn over glasses and has a hinged faceplate that users can flip back to see the real world without having to remove the entire headset. All of the wires and cables clip securely at the back of the headset.

Ubergizmo’s Hubert Nguyen has had some hands-on time with the Dell VR Visor, and mentioned that it was quite comfortable and provided a very good experience for the price. The new wave of affordable VR headets

The Dell Visor is going to be released in October and the company will start pre-sales next month. Customers who want one will have to pay $349 for the Dell Visor. There will also be compatible controllers that will cost $100 each.

Microsoft and its partners will talk more about Windows Mixed Reality devices later this week at the IFA 2017 convention in Berlin. A wide variety of headsets will be released in the holiday season as Microsoft seeks to “democratize” virtual reality.

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