Back in July, Blizzard announced that they had a new expansion for Hearthstone in the works called Knights of the Frozen Throne. The game did not have a specific release date save for August, but now it looks like we finally have a date to mark down on our calendars as Blizzard has confirmed the expansion’s release for the 10th of August.

For those hearing about the expansion for the first time, it seems that Knights of the Frozen Throne will see Blizzard revisit the continent of Northrend again, which is actually not a bad thing since the Lich King is one of the game’s more memorable enemies. The expansion is free to download, but players who want access to the expansion’s cards will have to purchase booster packs.

These booster packs are currently priced at $50 for 50 packages, which should net you a ton of cards to use in the process. Gamers who pre-purchase it will also be able to unlock a Frostmourne card back that they can add to their collection. The expansion will be introducing 135 new cards, new hero cards, and also a new Lifesteal mechanic.

If you’re interested in pre-purchasing the boosters, there is still time to do so, so head on over to Blizzard’s website for the details on how to purchase them.

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