Popular password management service LastPass has announced today that it’s hiking up the rates for its premium service. The company has decided to double the cost of its premium tier to $24 per year. It has also removed some features from the free plan in a bid to push users to pony up cash for the premium offering.

Features that have been removed from the free LastPass plan include unlimited sharing and emergency access. Both of these features are now available only to those who subscribe to LastPass Premium and Families.

Despite the price hike which has seen the cost double, LastPass is still a cheaper option compared to some of its competitors. 1Password, for example, costs $3 per month and Dashlane charges the same for its premium service as well.

Whenever there’s a price hike, customers don’t really take it easy. It’s unsurprising to see that a lot of LastPass customers have taken to the company’s Facebook page to share their opinions about this price hike.

They’re not happy with it and some have called on the company to reverse its decision. The company is telling them that this price hike reflects its investment in new features to “make our product an industry-leading password manager.”

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