Passwords are generally a personal thing, but sometimes certain things might be required for sharing. For example if you and your partner share the same bank account, then obviously both of you would need to know the password, and the same can be applied to other things like paying the bills for phone, internet, utilities, and etc.

With so many things to keep track of, things could get confusing and password manager LastPass has announced a new feature in the form of LastPass Families. According to the company, “Enter LastPass Families, where you can store everything from bank accounts to passports to credit cards. Your details are secure, organized the way you want, and easily shared with your spouse, kids, in-laws, and more. You can even give access to others in the event of an emergency. The family manager can quickly add and remove members to the account, making it easy to get everyone up and running.”

Basically users will be able to choose what passwords and details that they want to share with family members, but at the same time users will also be able to keep personal accounts private in their own vault separate from that of Families. LastPass Families will support up to 6 family members at once, and it only requires one user to purchase the subscription plan.

The feature will be launched later this summer and for those who are interested, you’ll be able to sign up for early access at LastPass’ website.

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