Microsoft has made a big push for Mixed Reality with Windows 10. It has also been working with OEM partners to develop Mixed Reality Headsets. Starting today, those who are interested in purchasing one can do so from the company itself. Microsoft is now selling two Windows Mixed Reality Headsets to any and all customers who want one.

Acer’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset has now been listed for sale on Microsoft’s online store. It costs $299. HP has also made a similar headset that’s now available for purchase online through the Microsoft Store for $329.

Both headsets have similar specifications as they feature 2.89 inch displays as well as six degrees of freedom tracking to power Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality experience.

Microsoft first started taking pre-orders for the headsets back in may this year. Developers were allowed to get their orders in early. Even though these headsets are primarily meant for developers, anyone can head over to the Microsoft Store right now and pick one up.

These are not tethered headsets so a PC with reasonable specifications will be required to power them. The minimum specs that Microsoft has listed on its store include an NVIDIA GTX 980/1060 or higher graphics card for a good Mixed Reality experience.

More Windows Mixed Reality Headsets will be released later this year as companies like Acer, ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, and HP all have more headsets in the pipeline.

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