The great thing about laptops is that you get to take it with you on the go, and with many laptops these days being so slim and light, in some instances it is as easy as slipping it into your bag and you’re good to go, instead of requiring dedicated laptop bags like how it was back in the day for bulkier models.


Unfortunately laptops do have a battery life and if you hate having your laptop die on you while on the move, you might be interested to learn that Mophie has recently unveiled the Powerstation USB-C XXL. As the name implies, this is basically a battery pack that charges via USB-C, and it packs a massive 19,500mAh battery which means that it should have more than enough juice to charge your laptop at least once or twice over.

The power delivered via this battery pack is of the 30W variety which is what is required to charge laptops like the MacBook Pro, and given how Apple has pretty much made all of its laptops USB-C only, this could actually come in handy. However for those who do want to charge other devices, not to worry as the Powerstation USB-C XXL also features a standard USB-A port for your other devices.

Unfortunately the Powerstation USB-C XXL isn’t exactly cheap at $150, but if you think it’s worth the money then head on over to Mophie’s website for the details.

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