Nintendo’s new gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, has detachable controllers. They can be attached to the device in handheld mode and removed when the console is docked. Gamevice, a hardware developer, has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo a few days back. It claims that the design of the Nintendo Switch’s controllers is very similar to one of its products. Gamevice thinks that Nintendo is infringing on its patent.

One of Gamevice’s first products was a gaming tablet that it launched in 2012. The tablet had a detachable game controller. It hasn’t launched any major hardware products recently except for a few gamepads for Apple devices which were released earlier this year in January.

Gamevice’s patent titled “Combination computing device and game controller with flexible bridge section” was granted back in 2015. It details a computing device that has a pair of connected controllers on either side.

Basing its complaint on this patent, Gamevice puts forward several arguments to support its claim that Nintendo is infringing on its intellectual property. The relief that the company is seeking includes halting production and sales of the Nintendo Switch aside from a compensation for its troubles.

Whether or not the court will allow this patent lawsuit to proceed is another matter altogether.

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