If you want to transfer a file from your phone to another phone, or a phone to a computer, and so on, usually you’d use a cable. This has been the default method for data transfer over the years and while it works, we guess it’s not the most efficient, but that could soon change as companies such as Samsung has backed a technology by Keyssa called “Kiss”.


The idea behind Kiss is that it will help facilitate wireless data transfer, and we’re sure that some are wondering what is the difference between this feature and other features like Bluetooth, AirDrop, and so on. The idea is that it will be faster, much faster, where you could transfer HD movies within seconds, or as you can see in the video above, you could even instantly stream video from one device to the other without the need for cables at all.

Samsung isn’t alone in backing the technology as other tech companies such as Foxconn and Intel have also invested in the technology, along with some prominent figures in the tech industry like former Apple engineer and founder of Nest, Tony Fadell. The goal is to eliminate the need for cables and we suppose eventually ports.

This could lead to devices becoming even slimmer or thinner than before (which is one of the reasons why some companies have moved to USB-C), or using that extra space to add new features. We’re not sure when we’ll be seeing the Kiss technology debut, but it does sound pretty exciting.

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