One of the ways that you can improve yourself when it comes to video games is by watching professionals play. This is why replays and live streams are quite popular because watching a professional play can give you some insight on mistakes that you’re making, new tactics, perspective on a strategy, and so on.

Now if you’re an Overwatch gamer and you’re trying to master a particular hero, you might be interested to learn that Twitch has announced that they’ll be introducing a new filter feature for Overwatch streams in which viewers can filter streams based on the hero that they want to check out.

According to Twitch, “Die-hard Tracer fan? Want to pick up some tips so you can finally master Genji? We’ve got you covered. Use the filter on the Overwatch directory to find the hero you’re looking for.” These new filters will also be applicable to those who are watching Hearthstone streams, where viewers can filter based on hero class and game mode.

Twitch also claims that as far as streamers are concerned, they don’t have to do anything new or change any settings. Instead the company will be relying on computer vision and machine learning to determine what’s going on in your game in order to filter them based on the criterias we mentioned above.

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