Following the success of Destiny, it did not come as a surprise that Bungie would launch a sequel in the form of Destiny 2. So far reviews of the game have been mostly positive, which is why it doesn’t really surprise us to learn that there are many players who are playing the game at the moment.

In a tweet by Destiny 2’s developer, Bungie, they have revealed that the game has managed to hit 1.2 million concurrent players online (via IGN). This means that around the world, there are 1.2 million players who are playing the game at the same time. This is a rather impressive figure given that Destiny 2 was released just not too long ago, and we should also point out the fact that Destiny 2 is also going to be released for the PC on the 24th of October.

This means that combined with the number of players on console, we should see those numbers rise even further. However at the same time, excitement over a new game can somewhat artificially boost the player count, similar to what Pokemon GO was like during its initial launch. We would probably have to give it a few months or even a year before those numbers start to settle, but for now it looks like Destiny 2 is off to a pretty good start.

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