Intel showed off Project Alloy

, its x86-based standalone VR headset, last year. It said back then that it was going to launch an open reference design in 2017 so that partners could develop their own devices based on that. However, Intel has decided to cancel Project Alloy. The company says that the reason for this is low interest from hardware partners.


Intel appears to have made this decision recently. That’s because Intel said in January this year that the Project Alloy headset would be out by the fourth quarter of this year. Intel is no longer going to do that, though.

In a statement provided to Road to VR, Intel confirmed that it has made the decision to “wind down its Project Ally reference design,” but the company says that it will continue to invest in the development of technologies to power the next-generation of augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

“Project Alloy served as a great proof of concept for Intel and the industry – showing what’s possible in a high-performance, immersive and untethered VR experience. What we’ve learned through Project Alloy will inform future efforts,” the company added.

Intel made the decision to cancel Project Alloy over the summer after seeing a lack of interest from hardware partners. The fact remains, though, that even as it’s backing away from Project Alloy, Intel will continue to work in order to advance its position in the AR and VR market.

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