Image credit – Daimler

We’re sure many of us have experienced this while driving, where cars coming from the other side of the road might have headlights that are too bright and can blind us while we are driving due to the glare. This is annoying and especially dangerous if the road you are traveling on is narrow or dark and you are unfamiliar with it.

However the folks at Mercedes-Benz are working on creating smarter headlights that won’t blind or distract drivers. This was unveiled at the company’s headquarters in Germany where in a report from Engadget, these smart headlights use the concept of a projector to control how the lights from the headlights are emitted.

This means that if it detects a car from the other side of the road, part of the lights can be disabled to help prevent distracting the other driver. The use of the technology also means that the lights can project additional information on the road, such as guiding lines on narrow roads, or roads that are found in construction zones. It can also be used to project warnings to the driver to warn them of upcoming construction zones and so on.

However there is the question of whether or not these lights will eventually become a reality, or if for now they are simply a concept, but it does sound promising and with our cars becoming smarter, why not their headlights too, right?

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