Microsoft revealed the latest usage figures for Microsoft Edge at its Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2017 event in Seattle today. The head of the company’s Microsoft Edge web ecosystem team Charles Morris revealed that Edge is now being used on more than 330 million active devices across the globe. Usage has almost doubled since the last time Microsoft shared figures with the public.

Microsoft Edge is the new web browser that Microsoft built from the ground up for Windows 10. It was released in July 2015 alongside Windows 10. It’s only available on the latest iteration of Windows and unlike its rivals Chrome and Firefox, it’s not available on previous iterations of Microsoft’s desktop OS.

Microsoft Edge is a power browser that leaves Internet Explorer far behind as far as compatibility and functionality is concerned. It was well received at launch and Microsoft continues to improve the browser by adding new features and making improvements to it.

Microsoft confirmed back at last year’s Edge Summit that Edge was running on 150 million active devices. The latest figure shows that usage has doubled since the last time Microsoft talked about the figures for Edge.

“A lot of improvements and a lot of new features doesn’t really mean anything if no one’s using it,” Morris said, adding that the figure represents actual users who are browsing the web using the company’s web browsers.

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