According to the rumors, Apple’s iPhone 8 could be facing some production issues and that it might not be released alongside the standard models. Or at least that’s what the earlier rumors have been saying, but unfortunately for iPhone 8 hopefuls, it’s starting to look like those rumors are becoming more credible.

In a report from TechCrunch (via MacRumors), it seems that the publication has heard from their sources that the OLED iPhone 8 could indeed face supply constraints, and that they might not be released alongside the standard models. They are unsure what the shipping time differences will be, but their report corroborates another report from The Wall Street Journal that claims that a glitch in the manufacturing process could see the iPhone’s production delayed by as much as a month.

Apparently this is due to the way that Apple requires the OLED screens to be built, which last we heard would be provided by Samsung. The report says that Apple requires the display and touch panel to be created separately, as opposed to integrating them together (which is how Samsung makes it normally), and because of this, it requires additional steps to create each unit which could cause lengthier production times.

In any case we should have the official details come 12th of September which is when Apple will officially announce the new iPhones, so we should know then exactly when the OLED iPhone will be available for purchase.

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