YouTube Live has long enabled users to stream live video using the world’s most popular online video sharing website. Google today announced that it’s rolling out some improvements for this feature. The improvements include the ability to stream iPhone apps live using YouTube Live. iPhone and iPad users can now stream apps and games on their device live via this feature.

The feature will enable iPhone and iPad users to share their screen with viewers of their live streams on YouTube. They can also utilize the device’s front camera and microphone to add commentary or reactions over the stream.

Engadget reports that this new feature works with any and all iOS apps that have support for Apple’s ReplayKit framework.

YouTube users will now find improved tools for modering comments on live chats. This will enable them to quickly hide comments that are inappropriate and even use an automated system to flag potentially inappropriate messages. Flagged messages will then have to be reviewed by mods and approved individually.

A new ultra-low latency mode has been added to YouTube Live as well. Google says that this change is going to bring down the lag to “just a couple seconds of latency.” This will enable streamers to interact with their viewers more effectively in real time.

These changes will soon be available to all YouTube users across the globe.

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