tamagotchi_apple_watchWe’re not sure how many of you guys remember the Tamagotchi toy from back in the day. For those who are unfamiliar, basically it’s an egg-shaped toy with a display that will show you your “pet”. From there you’d have to feed it, clean up after it, and play games with it to keep it happy, much like you would with a real pet.

While it isn’t as popular as it once was, it seems that Bandai wants to try and recapture the magic by launching an Apple Watch version of the app. Given that the display of the original Tamagotchi is roughly the size of the Apple Watch’s display, if not a bit smaller, we reckon it makes a great fit, not to mention the addition of color will help modernize it a tad.

The features of the Tamagotchi and its functions appear to be similar to the classic version of the toy, however given that it is now on your wrist, there is less chance of you letting it die from neglect, although we can only imagine it could potentially get rather annoying as you would have to constantly look after it and tend to its notifications.

This isn’t the first time Bandai has tried to modernize the Tamagotchi. A couple of years ago the company released the official Tamagotchi app for mobile devices but now with smartwatches, it seems that Bandai could have potentially discovered a new market. For those interested in download it can head on over to the iTunes App Store to check it out.

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