The times of when all we demanded from our car’s entertainment system was radio is long gone. Fast forward to today and our requirements for an infotainment system has changed where it needs to have a display, support Bluetooth connectivity, pair with our phones, show maps, and so on.

This has allowed companies such as Apple and Google to come up with their own car infotainment systems like CarPlay and Android Auto respectively. It is also why it is not a surprise to learn that demand for CarPlay is slowly on the rise amongst iPhone users, or at least that’s according to a recent survey conducted by Strategy Analytics.

According to the survey, it has found that in the US, 23% of smartphone users say that CarPlay is a “must have” feature for their next car purchase. 56% have said that they are interested, while 21% aren’t interested. This number is higher in other parts of the world like Europe where 25% say it is a must have, and China where the number is even higher at 36%.

Admittedly CarPlay isn’t quite taking off like iOS given how competitive the field is, and not to mention many carmakers who already have solutions of their own, but what do you guys think? Is CarPlay (or Android Auto for our Android readers out there) a “must have” feature for your next car?

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