It is clear at the rate things are going, delivery by drones will be the next big thing. This is because unlike trucks or cars, drones can skip traffic which means that it has the potential to reach its destination quicker, which might be ideal for nearby deliveries. We’ve already seen how companies like Domino’s and 7-Eleven are taking advantage of that.

However for the most part, drone deliveries usually deliver directly to the person’s address, but the folks at Cambridge Consultants have since launched a new app and service called DelivAir that changes that by using drones to make deliveries directly to the person who ordered, as opposed to sending it to a physical address.

This means that if you’re out and about and suddenly you remember that you needed something for school or work, instead of rushing back home or heading to a store, DelivAir can deliver your purchase directly to you wherever you are. This could also work for food where if you’re in the park and you’re feeling a bit peckish and with the DelivAir service, you could have food sent directly to you.

The drones will know they are making the delivery to the right person by using your mobile phone’s flash LED and pointing it to the sky, and by blinking a coded pattern, the drone can identify its intended recipient. As expected users will also be able to track the drone’s delivery. At the moment DelivAir exists as a concept but it’s one we wouldn’t mind seeing made a reality.

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