As if the recent revelation that WiFi’s security has been hacked wasn’t enough to scare us as far as cyber security threats are concerned, security firm Kaspersky Labs has revealed that there has been a recent vulnerability discovered in Adobe’s Flash platform that allows hackers to plant malware in it that in turn could affect users.

This piece of malware is known as FinSpy or FinFisher and is actually a commercial product that is sold to countries and law enforcement agencies to conduct surveillance, and that in this particular instance a group called BlackOasis managed to plant that malware inside of Flash and has used it to target Middle Easter politicians, UN officials, opposition bloggers, activists, and journalists.

However the good news is that according to Adobe, the company has released a security update that should fix the problem, although if you’re already infected by the malware you will have to find a way to remove it. If anything this issue just highlights how much of a hassle Flash is becoming, and why companies like Mozilla and Google have announced their plans to stop supporting Flash in their browsers.

Adobe themselves have confirmed that they will be putting an end to support for Flash in 2020. As it stands a lot of the web currently relies on HTML5 instead of Flash, although there are still some websites that still use it.

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