When it comes to smartphone batteries, stuffing in bigger batteries is a more obvious route when it comes to increasing battery life, although the downside to this is that it potentially makes the phone thicker, heavier, and maybe potentially cost more. This is where other aspects come into play, like processor efficiency, software optimization, and so on.

In fact Apple seems to have proven that point because in a recent battery life test conducted by PhoneArena, the iPhone 8 Plus’ battery life isn’t just Apple’s best yet, but it seems to have beaten out all the other flagship smartphones released recently. According to their findings based on their tests, the iPhone 8 Plus lasted 10 hours and 35 minutes, while other flagships like the Galaxy S8 lasted 8 hours 22 minutes, and the Note 8 lasting 7 hours 50 minutes.

Like we said, the iPhone 8 Plus also beat out other iPhones, like the smaller iPhone 8 which lasted 8 hours 37 minutes, the iPhone 7 which lasted 7 hours 46 minutes, and the iPhone 6s which managed 8 hours 15 minutes. That being said we should note that when it comes to battery life, your mileage may vary because we all use our phones differently, and we all have different settings.

However considering that just in terms of battery size alone, the iPhone 8 Plus features a 2,691mAh battery which is smaller than some of the competition, so if anything it is a testament to how things like processor efficiency and software optimization are things that more handset makers should consider if they’re hoping to get as much out of their batteries as possible.

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