When it comes to mobile chipsets, it’s safe to say that Qualcomm has the market cornered. However this hasn’t stopped other companies from trying to make their own, like what Apple, Samsung, and Huawei have done. In fact a while ago, LG also attempted to make their own chipsets but it never quite gained much momentum.


However according to reports, recent trademark filings have suggested that LG could be interested in reviving their chipsets again. The company has reportedly filed for two trademarks for the “LG KROMAX Processor” and the “LG EPIK Processor”. Given their names and that they are both classified as “Chips [integrated circuits]; Multiprocessor chips”, it’s not that hard to imagine what they could be.

However whether or not these chipsets are designed for smartphones or for other applications, like IoT devices is unclear, although it does seem like a possibility because a report from Recode last year points out the fact that Intel confirmed that they will be manufacturing LG’s ARM chipsets in their factories.

Whether or not LG plans for these chipsets to be mainstream remains to be seen, or alternatively they could be like Samsung where their mobile chipsets could be used exclusively for their own products. Either way take it with a grain of salt and hopefully we’ll have more details in the future.

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