It wasn’t long ago when Microsoft decided to rename the app portal in Windows 10 to “Microsoft Store,” this led to rumors about the company’s plans for the portal. According to a new report, this name change might have been an indication of the things to come. Microsoft is expected to start selling hardware like its Surface devices within the Windows 10 app store.

If this report is to be believed, the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 might start selling more than just software. This will enable customers to purchase Surface products without even having to launch their web browser.

A hidden “Shop Surface” section has been discovered in the Microsoft Store app. It reveals that this section will be used by Microsoft for selling Surface PCs and related accessories.

This hidden section in the Microsoft Store app can be accessed by typing the command included in the tweet below into the Windows 10 Run dialog box which can be brought up by using the WIN + R key combination.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed or denied if it’s going to do this if it’s going to start selling hardware inside the app store for Windows 10. The existence of the code does show that Microsoft has thought about this, even if it ultimately decides against doing it.

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