The success of the Nintendo Switch versus that of the Wii U is as stark as night and day. In fact it seems that the Switch is doing so well for Nintendo that over in Canada, it has been reported that the console is the country’s best-selling console for the year of 2017 where apparently 209,000 units have been sold.

This actually outsells that of Sony’s PS4 which managed 205,000 in 2017 so far, although we guess we should point out that Sony’s PS4 has sold millions by now, and given that the Switch was launched earlier this year, there is excitement surrounding the console which could have helped boost sales.

However it seems that not only is the Switch doing well, but other Nintendo products are too. The report claims that 73% of console sales over in Canada belonged to Nintendo. Granted Canada is just one market, but like we said it is pretty contrasting to when the Wii U was launched in which there just wasn’t the same level of excitement.

So far the Switch has been performing admirably in other countries, such as Japan where it managed a whopping 300,000 units in its first week, with the latest figures suggesting that as many as 5 million units have since been sold worldwide.

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