The Xbox One has offered backward compatibility for Xbox 360 titles for quite some time now. Microsoft surprised everyone at the E3 2017 gaming convention by announcing that the console will soon offer backward compatibility for some original Xbox titles as well. The feature might be ready to launch as some original Xbox backward compatible games have now surfaced in the online games marketplace for Xbox.


Microsoft confirmed at E3 2017 that the Xbox One will get support for some original Xbox games. The discs will work with the current-generation console, possibly as an authorization to gain access to an emulated digital copy of the game.

It’s similar to how Xbox 360 emulation works on the Xbox One right now. Those who own digital licenses to copies of original Xbox games will find them transferred to the Xbox One as well.

Some original Xbox titles have now surfaced in the store’s “games on demand” section. The titles include Neowave: The King of Fighters, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, BloodRayne 2, Dead to Rights, Prince of Persia, and Red Faction 2. They’re all available in the store now, priced at $9.99 and up.

Even though it’s possible to buy the digital copies of these games now, they’re not going to show up in the Xbox One dashboard. That’s likely because the feature requires a dashboard update before it goes live properly.

Microsoft has still not confirmed when it’s going to launch this feature officially.

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