The smartphone landscape has significantly changed over the past decade. Our smartphones are now capable of doing so much more than we could imagine in the early days of the mobile phone. One can only imagine the kind of technologies that will be in our smartphones a few years from now. Perhaps it will be completely normal for us to have an environmental sensor in our smartphone. That’s what Samsung has been working on but whether or not it actually brings this idea to market is another matter entirely.

Samsung has patented an environmental sensor for smartphones. Samsung has reportedly had the environmental sensor for smartphones in development for some time now. The sensor’s main job will be able to assess the air quality and provide users with relevant information about their environment.

In cities where pollution can sometimes be dangerously high, such as Beijing, the sensor will be particularly useful. It would analyze the atmospheric conditions and tell users if they should use a pollution mask. It’s also going to be very handy for travelers as they will easily be able to find out details about the air quality in a foreign location.

Given that this is just a patent, for now, we can’t be too sure when Samsung smartphones might start coming with environmental sensors but it would be very cool if they eventually did.

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