The world is already struggling to combat pollution to control the menace of climate change, in China air pollution is quite a big problem, one that has forced Beijing to issue its first ever red alert because things are just so bad. The red alert means that half of the cars in China’s capital have to keep off of the streets, schools have to be closed and outdoor construction halted because air pollution is just too high.

Much has already been said and written about China’s smog woes, someone even sucked up the polluted air and made a brick out of it just to prove a point, but so far its steps to curb air pollution don’t seem to have done much good.

The alert is only issued when air quality levels rise above 300 for three consecutive days, moving in the “Hazardous” range on a scale that peaks at 400. Government then warns everyone to avoid all “outdoor exertion.”

It’s expected that the red alert will remain in place at least until Thursday, till then city residents are told to remain inside come what way, and with half the cars being told to stay off the streets moving around the enormous capital is going to be a chore in itself if not for the badly polluted air.

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