The Snapchat dancing hotdog was introduced earlier this year when the app introduced augmented reality filters. It’s a 3D rendering of a smiling hot dog that’s wearing headphones and dancing to some wicked tunes. It took the world by storm and now it’s going to make an impression at Halloween. Snap, the company that owns Snapchat, is actually selling a smiling hot dog costume on Amazon for $80.

Snapchat first renamed itself to Snap last year before launching its first piece of hardware ever, a pair of glasses that make Snapchatting easy called Spectacles.

This is the second piece of “hardware” from Snap, and who knows, it might end up selling more units than the Spectacles. Snap is selling the smiling hot dog costume on Amazon itself for $80.

It’s described as a hot dog tunic with attached sleeves and hands, and pants with attached shoe covers. The costume comes with a pair of fake headphones to complete the look. The gloves are removable so users can quickly pick up their phone and start Snapchatting while looking like the beloved AR filter.

If you’re in the market for a new Halloween costume, then perhaps you should consider looking like the avatar that Snapchat referred to as its “first augmented reality superstar.”

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