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Snap’s Spectacles 3 Has Been Officially Announced
The jury is still pretty much out as far as augmented reality (AR) headsets are concerned. We’ve seen Google attempt something with Google Glass, which didn’t quite pan out, and in recent times, Snap has also been making a push for the technology with the release of the Spectacles, in which the company has recently announced the third iteration.

Some Snapchat Employees Abused Their Position To Spy On Users
The problem with online services is that your data is at the mercy of the company controlling the service. For the most part, many of us assume that there are safeguards in place to prevent access to our personal data, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. In a report from Motherboard, it has been found that some Snapchat employees had abused their position to spy on users.

Snapchat Lenses Can Now Recognize Dogs
Snapchat’s Lenses features works with human faces and we’re sure that there are some who have tried using it with their pets. Last month the company added support for recognizing cats, but if you’re more of a dog person, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the latest update to Snapchat has introduced Lenses for dogs.

Instagram Influencer Sued For Not Promoting Snap’s Spectacles
Social media platforms such as Instagram are used for advertising purposes, although sometimes these ads don’t really come across as ads thanks to companies hiring “influencers” to promote them in a more natural manner. This could be as simple as them being seen in public using/wearing a product.


Snap CEO Admits Snapchat’s Redesign Was ‘Rushed’
Last year Snap announced that its popular Snapchat messaging app would be undergoing a redesign. The reason behind this is because many felt that the current design was too confusing, and that the redesign would shake things up and appeal to more people. Unfortunately it had the opposite effect.

Snapchat Blames User Decline On Its Controversial Redesign
Earlier this year Snapchat rolled out its brand new design for its app. The redesign was meant to make the app more appealing to new users and also improve on the existing app, but it was not well-received. Snapchat at that time defended the redesign, but ultimately its users have spoken.

Snap’s Designers Reportedly Warned Against Releasing Updated Design
When Snap announced that Snapchat would be redesigned to make it easier to use, it sounded like a good idea. Unfortunately the end result was anything but, and caused a lot of users to be frustrated with the app where some of them even launched a petition to bring back the old design.

Snap Launches Second-Gen Spectacles With Water Resistance
Back in 2016 Snap launched its first wearable, the Spectacles. Now it looks like the company is back with another model in the form of the second-gen Spectacles, something that was hinted at earlier this month. For the most part it looks like Snap has kept the design of the original, but under the hood is where the differences between both models lie.

Snapchat To Start Featuring Creator-Made Lenses More Prominently
One of the problems of a monopoly is that it discourages innovation, and for the longest time ever Snapchat kind of had the monopoly on the social scene where its Stories feature was one of its unique selling points. That is until Instagram came along and actually offered a version that some would argue is better.

New Spectacles Reportedly Being Developed By Snap
Snap’s hardware ambitions may not be over even though the company took a $40 million loss on its first Spectacles that sold only 150,000 or so units. According to a report, Snap is now working on two new versions of its Spectacles wearable camera. One is said to be an improved model of the original Spectacles while the second is said to be a more ambitious upgrade.

Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat Tweet Could Have Sent Stock Prices Down By 8%
While bloggers are still pretty influential, social media has helped create what is known by many today as “influencers” who can be found on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, where posting a single photo for a product could net them thousands of dollars. This is due to their reach or “influence”.

Snapchat Dancing Hot Dog Costume Now Available For $80 On Amazon
The Snapchat dancing hotdog was introduced earlier this year when the app introduced augmented reality filters. It’s a 3D rendering of a smiling hot dog that’s wearing headphones and dancing to some wicked tunes. It took the world by storm and now it’s going to make an impression at Halloween. Snap, the company that owns Snapchat, is actually selling a smiling hot dog costume on Amazon for $80.

Snap Has Sold Over 150,000 Pairs Of Spectacles To Date
While Snapchat might have gotten its start as a messenger app that allowed users to send self-destructing messages, over time the developers have evolved what the app can do and have since branched out into more augmented reality features, which is why when Snapchat’s parent company launched the Spectacles in 2016, it didn’t really come as a surprise.

Snap Could Be Looking To Acquire Another Drone Maker
While Snap might be more known for its messaging app Snapchat, the company has been trying to broaden its horizons and going beyond just software and into hardware. We’ve seen this happen when the company launched its augmented reality Spectacles, and now it seems that drones could be on the company’s mind next.