The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic or SNES Classic has proven to be very popular. Nintendo fans have flocked to stores in order to pick one up. It sold out within minutes are most retailers and still remains in short supply. Scalpers got in on the action as well, selling units at a premium on eBay to turn a quick profit. eBay revealed that an SNES Classic was sold every 25 seconds on launch day.

eBay revealed that there were more than 17,000 listings for the SNES Classic on eBay when it was released on September 29th. Between then and October 1st, eBay saw 143 units being sold every hour which is roughly four per minute and 3,432 per day.

The official price for the SNES Classic at authorized retailers is $79.99 but the average sales price has been almost double on eBay. Prices have ranged from $162 and $165. The remarkable thing is that thousands of people have been okay with paying a premium for this mini-console.

It appears that the SNES Classic has proven to be just as popular as the NES Classic that was launched last year. At that time, eBay revealed that a unit was sold every 18 seconds on the day it was released.

Those who want to purchase an SNES Classic right now will be better off waiting, that if they’re not willing to pay a premium. If you absolutely must have it and money is no object, you’ll still find plenty of SNES Classic listings on eBay at marked up prices.

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