As you might have heard, Sprint and T-Mobile are apparently working towards merging together. It was previously reported that the merger, or at least plans for the merger, could be announced later this month. However according to a report from Bloomberg, it seems that the merger’s announcement could be delayed to November.


According to the report, the reason both companies have been working towards announcing the merger this month is so that it can be done in time for their earnings announcement, but apparently there is a chance it could be delayed to 2-3 weeks after the earnings announcement, meaning that the merger announcement might take place in November instead.

So far neither carrier has confirmed their plans to merge, but it has been openly discussed in the past, with execs on either side expressing their interest. This is actually not the first time that both carriers have tried to merge, but previously regulators had opposed the idea, so it is unclear as to what could change this time to allow the deal to go through.

T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom has in the past tried to sell off their US operations. At one point AT&T and T-Mobile came pretty close to finalizing a deal several years ago, but once again regulators opposed the deal and it fell apart.

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