What would you do for a free iPhone 8? Would you be willing to tattoo yourself to get one? Because that’s what Philip Harrison of Phoenix, Arizona did in order to land himself the free handset. Harrison had tweeted at T-Mobile’s CEO asking if he were to tattoo T-Mobile’s logo on his arm, would they be willing to give him a free iPhone 8.

“Hook me up with a iPhone 8 and ill tattoo the T-Mobile logo on my arm for all to see, you have my word @JohnLegere”. Legere responded to Harrison’s claim and promised that if he were to go through with it, they would have a deal. It looked like both Harrison and Legere were true to their word because following Harrison’s posting of his T-Mobile tattoo, Legere responded by saying that he will be helping him get his promised iPhone 8.

According to Harrison, “Did I do it for an iPhone 8? Sure, but I also did it for the story that would be forever attached to the tattoo #TattooForPhilip”. Speaking to CBS 5 in Phoenix, Harrison told the news station, “My girl told me to get it (on the upper bicep) so then you’ll be able to hide it and I was like, that’s not where everyone can see it. I know it might sound crazy, but I was like, I got to stick to my word.”

We’re not sure that not everyone agrees with Harrison’s choice, but we suppose it’s less desperate than selling off a kidney for an iPhone, right?

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