There are many questions surrounding self-driving cars, like the legality behind it, how will our current rules apply to the technology, and so on. One question is that in the event of a self-driving car crash, how will law enforcement or first responders handle it? Should it be treated like a regular car crash? Or will it be accessed differently?

We suppose that is a question that has yet to be answered, but Alphabet’s Waymo is hoping to provide some answers. The company has recently published a 43 page report (via Recode) that attempts to address some of those questions. According to the report, it has been revealed that Waymo is currently training law enforcement in various cities that it is testing its technology on how to recognize and access a self-driving car in the event of an accident.

The report reads (in part), “We plan to continue conducting these on-site trainings, while expanding the scope of the training program as our vehicles become more capable and our operational design domain expands.” Prior to this Waymo was working on teaching its self-driving cars on how to detect emergency vehicles and move out of their way.

That being said, Waymo is just one of the many companies working on the technology so their solutions aren’t necessarily definitive, but we suppose eventually there will be a unified set of rules on how to deal with self-driving cars.

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