If you’re thinking of outfitting your home with a camera to monitor what goes on while you’re away, there’s a good chance that Nest Cam comes to mind. So far reviews of the Nest Cam have been largely favorable, but the only drawback is its price tag of $199 which can be a bit pricey for some.


However if you’re looking for a similar setup that costs less, Wyze Labs might have the answer for you. The startup has recently launched a Nest Cam competitor for a mere $20 (not including shipping fees), which means that you could easily purchase multiple units to place around your home at once.

In terms of features, the Wyze Cam will support Full HD 1080p video record with infrared-based night video, with video being stored on AWS in the cloud for 14 days, although it is limited to just 15 seconds worth of video only when motion/sound is detect. This means if you want full footage like what Nest Aware does, then we suppose this is one of the device’s limitations.

It sits on a magnetic base that can swivel/tilt, and there is also a sticky metal plate holder that will allow you to mount it onto non-metallic surfaces if you’re trying to get a different angle. The camera and its accompanying app will notify users of motion or sound, like that of a smoke/carbon monoxide detector. There is also a built-in microphone and speaker and it will support microSD cards if you want to store your videos offline.

If you’d like you get your hands on it, then head on over to its website for the details.

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