Last year Amazon launched a new Fire TV Stick that came with a remote control with Alexa built into it, leveraging the company’s highly-successful digital voice assistant. Its availability at the time of launch was limited, but the good news is that if you weren’t part of the initial launch markets, Amazon will be expanding on it.

However there is a catch and that is Amazon’s expansion of the Fire TV Stick’s availability comes in the form of a new product: the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition. This is essentially the same device that was launched last year, with the main difference being that this particular model will not have a remote with Alexa access, but if you didn’t really care for the voice assistant, or if its presence was a secondary need, then we guess it doesn’t matter.

The launch of the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition will also see Amazon make it available in more than 100 countries around the world, and there will be support for allowing users to set a variety of non-English languages as their default. The Fire TV Stick Basic Edition will grant users access to all the same content as the regular Fire TV Stick (although it might vary country to country), including Amazon Prime Video which will have allow users to access videos that are exclusive to it.

As for availability, the Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition is priced at $50 and is already available for purchase via Amazon’s website.

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