The Indian government launched an anti-spam app called Do Not Disturb back in 2016. The Android version has been available for download since last year but Apple hasn’t allowed the iOS counterpart on the App Store due to privacy concerns. According to a new report, Apple has given in to India’s demands and will now offer limited help to the government for the development of an anti-spam app for iPhones.


Reuters reports that Apple has agreed to provide limited help to the Indian government to develop an anti-spam iPhone app. It previously refused to do so based on privacy concerns.

Apple has been trying to fight this off since last year. It has been locked in a tussle with the country’s telecoms regulator. Officials complained that Apple was dragging its feet on working with the government to develop an app that lets iPhone owners report unsolicited marketing messages or calls as spam.

The company reportedly pushed back on requests for an iOS version because it felt that a government app that has access to users’ call and text logs could compromise privacy.

After being publicly called out by the regulator, senior Apple executives flew to New Delhi last month and told the government that the company will offer limited help. It has told the government that the iOS platform would not allow for some requests such as making call logs available in the app so that users can report spam calls.

A spokesman for Apple has confirmed that the new iOS features to tackle spam text messages will help the Indian government develop its Do Not Disturb app for iOS.

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