We’ve already started hearing reports about Apple’s 2019 iPhone even though the company has just released its 2017 flagship. According to a new report, Apple is developing a rear-facing 3D sensor for the 2019 iPhone. The purpose of this 3D sensor is said to be improving Apple’s augmented reality apps and services on the new device. This is just one of the many AR-focused projects that Apple is believed to be working on these days.

The new 3D sensor will create a depth map by shooting out lasers and then measuring the time it takes for the reflection to return. Other manufacturers use dual cameras to obtain similar information. Apple uses an infrared-based system for its front-facing Face ID sensors so that’s an option as well.

Apple is reportedly developing this new system so that the results that it obtains are more precise. The company is said to be in the process of picking suppliers for this new 3D system. The report does caution that it’s not entirely sure if this system will make it into 2019’s iPhone.

What this goes to show is that not only is Apple going to retain the front-facing TrueDepth sensors that it has introduced with the iPhone X, but it’s committed enough to this technology to work on rear-facing implementations as well.

Apple’s other AR projects are said to include a proper augmented reality headset, though the company isn’t expected to release one until 2020.

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