Tesla said earlier this year that the Model 3 will give its owners 310 miles of range on a single charge. The figure has now been backed up by the Environmental Protection Agency. It has confirmed that the Tesla Model 3 does indeed have a range of 310 miles. The official stamp of approval cements the Model 3’s position as one of the most efficient affordable electric cars available today.

Car manufacturers use EPA’s estimates as advertised efficiency figures in the United States. The fuel consumption figures don’t apply to the Tesla Model 3 because it’s an all-electric car that doesn’t need conventional fuels.

The EPA has now confirmed that Tesla Model 3 owners should be able to get a range of 310 miles in combined city and highway driving on a single charge. That’s the equivalent of 131 mile per gallon for city driving.

The extended range model does cost a bit more, though. Tesla sells the 220 mile range Model 3 for $35,000. Customers who want the 310 mile range will have to fork out an additional $9,000 as prices for that model start at $44,000.

Even if you decide to purchase the Model 3 today, it’s unlikely that you’ll get it before a year at the very least. Production has been slow and while Tesla has been working hard to take care of the bottlenecks, it’s going to be a while before it’s able to fill the outstanding orders.

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