Facebook has a habit of cloning Snapchat features for its services. Take the Stories feature for example. Facebook has added ephemeral messaging and stories feature to Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and even Facebook proper. It now appears to be cloning Snapchat’s streaks feature. The feature encourages friends to message each other daily to keep up their streaks.

Facebook Messenger has started testing the streaks feature with select users. Similar to how it is on Snapchat, the feature will include an emoji status for anyone the user is currently in a streak with.

As previously mentioned, Facebook is only testing out this feature on limited accounts at this point in time. It’s unclear if the social network is going to expand the test to more users. It’s also unclear if and when it plans on rolling out this feature to all users.

Snapchat’s streaks feature is particularly liked by its young audience. It encourages users to send more snaps and even notifies users when their Snapstreak is about to expire.

If Facebook has decided to clone this feature as well and it’s not just a test that it’s running, then we can be sure to see the streaks feature being launch on services like Instagram and WhatsApp as well in the future.

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