It’s not uncommon for websites to suffer data breaches. We frequently hear about websites being targeted by attackers who are after their user data. It’s not possible for the average user to keep track of all of the websites that have suffered a data breach. That’s why Firefox may soon show notifications to users when they visit a website that has previously suffered a data breach.

Mozilla is developing a notifications system for Firefox which will display this security warning when users visit a website that suffered a data breach. It’s going to use data from Have I Been Pwned?. It’s a website that indexes public data breaches and lets users search to check if their data was leaked in any of the breaches.

The company recently started working on this feature which is why the code to show these warnings is not in the Firefox codebase right now. It’s managed separately as an add-on.

Mozilla has provided the add-on’s code on GitHub. Anyone who knows how to work with code can compile it and import it into Firefox. It’s only supported by the Firefox Developer Edition currently.

The development process is still in the early stages. It displays a notification when the user visits a site that suffered a data breach. It even includes an input field which will presumably let users search to check if their data was exposed in that site’s data breach.

Mozilla is yet to confirm if and when this feature will be rolled out to the public version of Firefox.

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