GameStop announced a new rental subscription service last month which would allow subscribers to rent as many used games as they wanted for a six-month period. All they had to do was pay a flat fee for the privilege. GameStop said that it was going to launch the service on November 19th. However, merely days before the service’s launch, GameStop has reportedly decided to pause the launch of the unlimited used game rental service.

Kotaku reports that GameStop has told its employees to pull down all promotional material related to the PowerPass subscription program. They’ve been told to store the material in their backrooms until further notice.

It’s unclear why GameStop has decided to do this but some store employees suggest that limitations related to the company’s old computers likely caused this.

“We have elected to temporarily pause the roll out of the new PowerPass subscription service, based on a few program limitations we have identified. We feel this is the right thing to do for now to ensure we are able to provide our guests an exceptional service,” a GameStop spokesperson said.

GameSpot did do a soft launch of its PowerPass service. It offers subscribers any used game in a store for six months in return for $60. The company says that those who have already purchased the service can get a full return. GameStop is yet to confirm if and when this program will be launched again.

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